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Wayne Blazejczyk Discusses FDCTech Signing Term Sheet to Acquire 100% Interest in Genesis Financial,

Wayne Blazejczyk | FDCTech | Blog

In February, FDCTech officially entered the financial services space. By acquiring Genesis Financial in a stock-for-stock transaction, FDCTech expanded from their focus on FX and Crypto technology and business solutions. With the acquisition, FDC Tech is adding a successful company to their impressive portfolio of offerings. Genesis Financial brings a proven track record as a leading Direct-to-Consumer Lending Platform.

As a major shareholder of Genesis, Wayne Blazejczyk could not be more excited. By becoming a subsidiary of a company as strong as FDCTech, Genesis Financial will be able to reach more clients than ever before. The main focuses of Genesis will remain the same – that being wealth management and tax and accounting advisory services.

The management of financials in Australia is a multi-billion-dollar industry. With FDCTech behind the established platform of Genesis, the company should enjoy solid growth over the next few years. It is believed that nearly ten million adults in Australia are either underserved by their financial advisors or have no financial advisor at all. Wayne Blazejczyk believes the acquisition will give Genesis Financial the power they need to reach individuals in need of a better financial advisor solution. This comes not only with more money to spend of advertising, but more funds to put towards technology in their space.

Genesis Financial has proven that they can offer exceptional wealth management solutions. As an investor, Wayne Blazejczyk understands that the company knows that future of wealth management is paved by combined talents of individuals and technology. FDCTech brings the ability to create software that gives every client of theirs a competitive advantage. Of course, these benefits brought on by the merging of the two companies will be mutually beneficial as FDCTech now is able to boast a wider array of services and expand their client base.

The merge is set to not only help clients in Australia, but the hope is to expand the presence of FDCTech throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Wayne Blazejczyk explains that the focus on growth has been very appealing to shareholders. With the acquisition, Genesis’s shareholders are set to receive restricted shares as compensation. The overall value of the stock should increase as this partnership expands the portfolio and sets FDCTech up for sustained growth. Blazejczyk believes other shareholders share his excitement for what the future may bring and what type of growth is on the horizon.


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