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Wayne Blazejczyk Discusses The New Director of FDC

Wayne Blazejczyk | FDCTech | Blog

As a major shareholder of FDCTech, Inc., Wayne Blazejczyk strongly values and understands the importance of the company having a strong leader in management. Blazejczyk was eager to learn about the new independent Director of FDC, Charles R. Provini.

In a recent press release announcing the new director, a representative from FDC wrote the following:

“Charles Provini has stellar leadership and governance experience spanning several decades, starting from United States Naval Academy to the private sector. He brings deep insights into asset management, investment banking, advisory services, and technology. He is a frequent speaker at financial seminars and has appeared on several mainstream media outlets discussing financial markets and, more recently, the solar industry.”

Blazejczyk believes a strong leader needs to be able to balance several key aspects of a company at once. First, a leader must have the ability to firmly set the tone of the work environment, both individual and the workplace setting of the company as a whole. Second, quality leadership is found in someone who is able to help to create efficient streamlined processes. If the company is not able to grow, then the leadership must be altered. Finally, these components, and more, combine to allow an effective leader to chart a course for the future of the company.

It is because of these principles of leadership that Blazejczyk is confident about the prospect of the new 74-year-old board member found in Provini. In addition to his decades of experience across multiple fields and levels of business, Provini has an encouraging attitude as he enters his new position: “I am humbled to be invited to be part of such a fintech-driven entrepreneurial spirit and experienced management group. I am also eager to play an active role in continuing the growth and profitability of FDC, Inc.”

FDC Co-founder and CEO, Mitchell Eaglstein, continued to assure shareholders about the new Director when he stated in a recent interview that “As a proven leader in his illustrious career, Mr. Provini has in-depth knowledge of providing oversight and governance to our Company.”

Eaglstein went on to explain Mr. Provini’s new role in more detail: “As we continue to execute our fintech-driven acquisition strategy, we look to work closely with Mr. Provini, who will oversee our strategic initiatives, audit, and risk management.”

In light of this recent report, Wayne Blazejczyk is pleased with the decision to bring on Charles Provini as the new Director and looks forward to the future progress of FDC, Inc.

For more information about Charles Provini and FDC, you can read the full press release here.


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